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  • My everyday Skincare Routine
  • 조회 수: 132395, 2014-09-15 23:57:34(2012-08-21)
  • Hi everyone.

    So here I bring you my everyday skincare routine, from cleansing to the final moisturizer!

    I am to still make my past skincare video when I was overcoming acne issues, so please stay tuned as well.

    I think I might get questions like "why don't you use cheaper, more popular brands like Etude House, Skinfood, etc.?"

    My answer is that I have tried them, and most of them let me down. I got quite a few cases of breakouts in the past, so I go for safer, more expensive options. Also, I don't restrain myself to using only Korean products.

    As I live in Korea, I do not know how to get these products elsewhere, so asking me will not be of any help! Sorry guys :/

    Without further ado, here's my skincare routine :)


    Products used:

    Bioderma Sensibio H20 500ml - 38000 KRW

    Lisa Eldridge's Makeup Removal video:

    Missha Soft 5 Layer Cotton Sheet - 3500 KRW

    Nature Republic Magic Remover Makeup Gel - 5900 KRW

    IOPE Moisture skin cleansing foam - 22000 kRW

    Missha Pore Clear Cleansing Brush - 28000 KRW

    Etude House Cleansing Sponge - 1500 KRW

    Chanel Soft Exfoliating Pre-Lotion - 83000 KRW

    The Faceshop Blemish Zero Clarifying Toner - 12900 KRW

    IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning - 60000 KRW

    Frostine's Remaliv Source - 43000 KRW

    Propolis Cream

    Belif  The true cream- Moisturizing Bomb - 38000 KRW


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